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A Mother’s Love Is Unmatchable

And so is a mother’s trust. To curate rituals and ingredients for Petite Planet™, we took inspiration from the best of us: mums all over the world. They told us of how sleeping outdoor can be good for baby, how a tea leaf can help soothe skin, and how Karité (Shea Butter) can help nourish babies skin during massage. No matter where we went, one thing held true: that instinct to nurture and protect baby unites mothers all over the world. These are the stories we learned.


Petite Planet Global Rituals

East Asia

Balancing Shampoo & Body Wash

Mums throughout East Asian history have practiced the ritual of skinship. It’s bonding. It’s maternal. This skin-to-skin contact supports baby’s emotional well-being. And it’s at its strongest during bath time. East Asian mothers use bath time skinship to make their bond with baby even stronger, which can be enhanced with a gentle cleanser like rice water and soothing fragrances like lotus.


The gentle kiss of lotus flower and rice water

Inspired by this East Asian ritual, we created the Petite Planet™ Balancing Shampoo & Body Wash. It’s rooted in the same tradition and contains those same two traditional ingredients.



African Savannah

Nourishing Everyday Body Lotion

Infant massage has been practiced in the African Savannah since the 14th Century. It’s a calming, soothing experience for baby that helps him bond with mum. African mums made massage better with a secret ingredient: massaging with Karité (Shea Butter). Karité comes from the shea nut, valued for its ability to soothe, moisturise and nourish baby’s skin. Shea butter, with vitamins and minerals, has been long treasured by African mums, and now we’re sharing that knowledge with mums around the world.


The power of Karité (Shea Butter)

To bring this knowledge to every baby in the world, we made our Nourishing Everyday Body Lotion. It’s lightweight and non-greasy, perfect to smooth, moisturise and nourish delicate baby skin for 24 hours.


mom and baby in nursery in nursing chair. red dress.

South Africa

Multi-purpose Barrier Balm

Mums in South Africa have long enjoyed the benefits of drinking rooibos tea. Its vitamins make it a key part of healthy skin. But rooibos has other benefits when applied to a baby’s skin. Its leaf is rich in vitamin C and zinc, making it a great solution for dry, chafed, chapped skin and to also provide soothing protection from nappy rash. This tea leaf’s versatility makes it a treasured piece of South African ritual that has carried on through the ages.

The Versatility of Rooibos Tea

In our soothing skin protectant balm we added calming rooibos tea in the tradition of these South African mums, taking advantage of years of maternal knowledge and care.


The Nordics

Protective Wind & Weather Comfort Cream

Since the 1920s, Nordic mums have let their babies nap outside in the cold. They believe this practice helps baby’s circulation, immunity, and nap length. Even today, 95% of mothers in the Nordic city of Oulu enjoy the ritual of outdoor naps for their baby. We were inspired by these Nordic mums and are proud to share their wisdom.


The Protection of Superfruit

The Nordic berry (Crowberry) is a superfruit packed with essential Vitamin E, making it the perfect ingredient in our Wind & Weather Comfort Cream.